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    Chef Fox Catering Specialties
    (12 people or more )
    Breakfast Menu
    Lunch or Dinner Menu
    Horsd'oeuvres Menu Hot or Cold
    ( Buffet Style or Passed )
    Party Trays Hot or Cold
    Fruit Platters
    Sandwiches Platters
    Pasta Bar Buffet Style

  • Steak House
  • Chef Fox’s Awards

    steak house There are endless types of specialties offer when it comes to putting together a catering menu. Chef Fox is a professional cater company and we understand the menu is the most important aspect of your event, here we custom our creativity,and talent around what the client are most interested. We listen to the client who we will be serving and then we create a unique catering menu that sets there special event apart from the rest. Chef Fox focus on visually appealing ,if it looks delicious, it will taste delicious too. Our nature of work recieve many compliments and you will need a photograph to capture every memorable moment.

  • Chef Fox’s Services

    steak housepersonal chef service, graduations, professional caterer,
    sporting events, weddings, holiday office party, corporate events, sweet 16 parties, outside venues,construction site, BBQ and steak cookout, mobile curbside catering, business, birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, Horsd'oeuvres and cocktail

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